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sonic_rating's Journal

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Sonic The Hedgehog Rating community
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All Members , Moderated

hello there! welcome to sonic_rating, you get rated here as the Sonic The Hedgehog character from the games, TV series, comics that you are most like depending on your personality and how people vote you!

This community was made by ms_freak112 on January 6th, 2005.

djtifabal was handed the comm on April 1st, 2006.
flyboy_fox was handed the comm on April 7th, 2007.

inuyasha32 - retired

Graphics and banners are made by:ms_freak112

The community's background and layout was made by: inuyasha32


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Want to be affliated? Just ask!


1. You may comment after you have posted your application or been stamped please keep that in mind.
2. Do not hate on a character or post them as one of your dislikes this is friendly community. ^^
3. Do not try to make you application as the character you want please be honest. Be yourself!
4. Please read the rules and in order for me to notice on the title of the post please put "Sonic" as the title.
5. Please put the app behind an LJ-cut. See the Survey part of this section for the rules to that.
6. Do me the favor of putting your votes in bold, otherwise they will not count. It makes it easier to see who's voted for who.
7. It does not matter the persons gender they can be voted as a male character or female character.
8. To voters state at least one reason why the person is like that character.
9. The voting: The max will be two weeks; I don't want to leave an app not stamped for a month.
-Here's how it's going to go:
Point one: If you get at least five votes for a character, example: Tails, you'll be Tails. If it takes a day to get all five, great. :)
Point two: If the two weeks comes up, the majority wins. If you have three votes for Knuckles and four for Sally, you'll be Sally.
Point three: If you get a tie say, between Sonic and Knuckles you'll get both, if the two week period ends on your app. Ties are accepted, but we're trying to aim for a majority vote.
10. Reapplying
Point One: You cannot reapply if you were stamped after April, 1st 2006.
Point Two: You can reapply if you were stamped before April 1st, 2006.
This is due to the addition of a number of new characters. This is subject to change.
11. Have fun in this comm. :)


1. Do try to expand as much as you can on your app. Try not to use one to three words for each thing, try to use use a few sentences to make your app more appealing. Plus, it'll help the voters see you as a character with more than just a few words. If you have just a few words, it makes it quite hard to decide on a character for those voting.
2. Like already stated in the Rules section, plus use an LJ-cut when posting your app.
3. Questions about the LJ tags:
-For the LJ cut go here: LiveJournal cut tags.
-For bolding go here: Bolding, italicizing, underline.
-Still have questions? As the mod or any of the co-mods and they'll be glad to help you. :)
4. Not asking too much, right?
5. Be yourself when you do this app. :)

(submissive-willing to submit without resistance to authority)
(pet peeves is what ticks you off)


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

help us gain more members! =D

1. Do not hotlink! I will be enforcing this rule a lot. It kills the bandwith on the comm's account. So, please, please, when you do get your stamp, upload it onto your own server.
2. Do not take the stamps for your own community. Don't steal these, they are for sonic_rating members only!

Stamps are made by:

Metal Sonic
Uncle Chuck
Eggman Nega
Erazor Djinn
Dr. Finitevus

Fiona Fox


violet_myst is Knuckles
xfilthystitches is Amy Rose
thaao is Tails
itakofying is Cream
bioplague is Tails
found_my_angel is Charmy
clowdmistyeon is Tails
em_chanis Sonic
sunflowerraven is Vector
milalyr is Tails
daydreamer07 is Knuckles
madmario is Shadow
darkoni is Amy Rose
hyper_piggie is Amy Rose
littlepidgey is Rouge
chromegadget is Shadow/Espio
nikkibyun is Sally Acorn
squidattack is Tails
bubzmd10 is Eggman
sutkarak is Shadow
thetasermonkey is Cream
mellysandshrew is Sally Acorn
jigglygrlcarrie is Tikal
ilovesonic is Sonic
flyboy_fox is Tails
helgarr is Rouge
ambiance is Mina
googuru_girl is Sonic
flag is Tails
kawaii_mako is Amy
___speechless is Amy
crazy_lowri is Tails
shadow64 is Sonic
nocturnesan is Shadow
vicky_v is Cream
guardian_knux is Knuckles
sonic101 is Sonic
ashlichan is Rouge
mr_anoymous is Sonic
sonsaiy is Tails
bottom_dweller is Sonic
mippa is Rouge
protoman17 is Eggman
kdoerty is Amy
marenlmc is Sally
way_past_cool is Sonic
darkhymns is Knuckles
hypashadow136 is Charmy
ghostkotsuzaka is Shadow
godlessmachine is Knuckles
grosstoast is Tails
jewelledrose is Rouge
clarissa is Cream
feelthewind is Chris
laurie_chan is Sonic
windsprited is Shadow
fakersinc is Knuckles
twisterzzz is Charmy/Amy
zilagirl is Rouge
blumebear is Sonic
fireydarkness is Vector
ceasefire is Sally
sinfuldragon is Knuckles
_joha is Knuckles
gwenxsmurfette is Amy
goodbye2am is Cream
aneris is Knuckles
shaboba330 is Knuckles
lvrgirl91 is Shadow
tashi_rating is Tails
kawiianimegurl is Amy
xinda is Tails
shadowandfoxgal is Knuckles
dewprincess is Bunnie
experienced is Amy
joaniegecko is Tails
__darkness43 is Knuckles
sachi_chan is Amy
greonhal is E-102 Gamma
cosmo_queen is Eggman
naoe_riki is Tails
shadowobsessed is Tails
lonewolf is Sally
julie_jubz is Bunnie
lunarocean777 is Tails
pinkechidna is Amy
shadtastic is Bukkon
nejlbana is Sonic
rarajonouchi is Mina
evadoll is Amy
metaraymek is Amy
inuyasha32 is Cream
djtifabal is Tails
joelholmes is Knuckles
kagemarunl is Cream
darkfreakoid is Big
honorableshadow is Knuckles
alle_goriest is Sonic
nevermore199 is Cream
anvanimaserke is Amy
kaabii is Antoine
insanepurin is Amy
acuteness is Blaze
leonkfox is Knuckles
jonlupus is Mina
rugimaru is Tails
daishoukanshi is Tikal
sevetenks is Eggman
lone_guardian is Tails
rabbit_hugs is Amy
esaevian is Big
powerwing_amber is Shadow
shadowandfoxgal is Cream
bright_light is Rouge
wind_god_cischa is Knuckles
mizunokati is Mina
k_yamato is Charmy
eizou is Mina
usagi_toriyama is Antoine
mikeismyname is Antoine
izumi_alucard is Tails
juna_chan is Amy
bakatashi is Knuckles
parcofolgore is Amy
faerie_little is Chris
skinned_galaxie is Amy
lulzinternet is Blaze
chocobel is Big
crystal_roses is Shadow
alexi_serenitia is Bokkun
vycksta is Blaze
cloudkaze is Sonic
rhapsodyinpink is Sonic
raven_goth is Amy
batkisses is Amy
sonicismybitch is Rouge
carriepika is Sally
anaranjad0 is Charmy
soda_x is Maria
_likeachemical_ is Sally
sakyu is Cheese
sylphiel is Amy
master_chen is Sonic
eternalkagura is Cream
son_of_farbauti is Shadow
yuki_usagi is Cream
levikitty is Rouge
amethyst_glass is Shadow
ismenestar is Amy
jetzgirl118 is Amy
kittyal is Amy
psychicninja is Maria
rini124 is Amy
mourningmonday is Knuckles
fluff_mcfluff is Mina
queenhyprshadow is Tikal
nvrsaysugar is Shadow
sapphire17 is Eggman
unss is Knuckles
sexesand_shades is Wave
_mrowr is Sally
funkyfunkyusopp is Vector
redstatelesbian is Vector
estharwolf is Blaze
x_shadow_lexi_x is Charmy
tsuchann is Vector
fericirea_love is Tails
shadowdingo is Silver
zorrotailsy is Wave
shining_silence is Rouge
kyoy is Sonic
flying_teapot is Amy
mogepy is Tails
theycallmebacon is Knuckles
spiraley is Gamma
microsoftt is Mighty
little_sad_girl is Blaze
takatohedgehog is Lara-Su
ashley_hedgehog is Silver
odoru is Amy
sanadafan is Blaze/Espio
dy_na_mo is Rouge
akashin is Sonic
shadowsfaith is Vector
nikkicub is Bunnie
engelhund is Knuckles
meroko14 is Amy
graveofdreams is Sally
kurunya is Amy
silverpocket89 is Rotor
netbug009 is Rotor/Bunnie
enchantedtoast is Amy
rainsingingwolf is Sally
sin_and_repent is Amy
just_emptiness is Sonic
queen_roses is Sally
gravity_xx is Knuckles
yumichan9 is Knuckles
silentchord is Rouge
obsydian is Tails
nuclearpez is Sally
chibi_mitsuki is Amy
sicksad_world is Amy
dulcea is Blaze
kuramalover67 is Knuckles/Amy
shokora_kukki is Cosmo
diviana is Maria
pounce_de_leon is Antoine
destinyshadow25 is Silver
otaku_attack is Cosmo
mizunohotaru is Amy
aprilechidna5 is Blaze
kaspar_rip is Amy
mewithe is Blaze
tehseto is Cream
kaitou_syrie is Sonic
trusmiles is Rotor
idiotjesus is Eggman
sagesoren is Cream
parodisoi is Amy
shadowamaya is Shadow
the_404_error is Rouge
cuterabbit33 is Cosmo
ogenki_desu_ka is Rouge
lydiiae is Amy
zorranegra is Sally/Shadow
dreamlover89 is Tikal/Cosmo
kayzillaz is Dr. Finitevus
spinningcannon is Tikal
itupulla is Tails
samuraisongbird is Tails
kohaku_kitsune is Amy
paradoxiac is Rotor

Rating position