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Eh...Sonic? :D

Name: Emma, sometimes Em
Age: 13. 14 in a week here, though. :D
Strong points: Creative, smart, and um...I guess that's it.
Weak points: Quiet. VERY quiet. Sensitive and kind of a space cadet.
Interests: Um...drawing, writing, video games, fantasy, and cooking.
Dislikes: Disney Channel "Original" Movies. YEAH, ORIGINAL MY BUTT! Also citrus fruit...
Talents: I can draw pretty well. :)
Hobbies: Drawing and writing, and reading I guess.
Pet peeves: The people who chew gum in the hallway and spit it out once they get in the classroom. -.- No gum means no gum.

Favorite color: I like green! Preferably a more nature-ish yellowish green.
Favorite sonic game/tv series/comics: I enjoy the classic games myself
Favorite food: Spaghetti!
Favorite sport: Beh. I dun like sports. DX Uh...golf?
Favorite music: Mostly classic rock, with some 80s mixed in
Favorite character (please explain): Definitely Sonic. 'Cause he's fun and carefree and teh smex.
Jealous or vengeful?: I think just jealous. Although I don't recall being jealous too often...
Dominant or submissive?: Crap, what does that mean again? Um...I guess I'm the submissive type. It's a questionable term, but I'm definitely not dominant, so...
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Thank you. :)
I see Bark the Polar Bear, especially in your weak points of being very quiet. That alone reminds me of him.
I got this Marine vibe. It's your overall personality which reminds me of her.
I feel this Tails vibe, though couldn't say why! The strong points point me that way, I think, as well as just the way you put things forward and phrase things.
Oddly you are popping out as Chris to me honestly. Just the way you present yourself in an unsure manner, yet the fact you like Sonic and when you are sure of something you declare it loudly.