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Sonic! He's better than toast!

Name: Jewel L.
Age: 18, but personally, I don't pay attention to my chronological age. It's just a label to me.
Strong points: I'm very imaginative, creative, and empathetic (An empath is someone who can easily understand another person's situation and make their worries their own: like putting yourself in another's shoes, but to the extreme!). I forgive very easily, love very easily, and don't hold grudges. I have been told that I have a natural talent for inspiring people. I'm also very optimistic when I want to be!
Weak points: I tend to procrastinate rather badly, and I am very easily distracted. I'm also cruelly hard on myself and suffer from heavy guilt trips quite often. I used to be depressed almost daily as a result of this. Another problem of mine is my constant need for freedom and mental stimulation... it makes it extremely hard for me to focus on one thing for a long time, and I'm constantly jumping from interest to interest, project to project, without really getting anything done.
Interests: Art, music, psychology, philosophy, and how things work. I'm also a science/ math addict, despite my artsy side.
Dislikes: The only thing I dislike is vice. You know... hatred, selfishness, anger, apathy, spite. It hurts me to see people act like that.
Talents: I've been an artist and musician since my childhood. I also write a heck of a lot!
Hobbies: Usually, when I have spare time, I just sit and think. Otherwise I enjoy composing music, sketching, or writing in one of my various journals. I also like playing Sonic Adventure when I have the time, haha!
Pet peeves: People who ignore the feelings and opinions of others. I don't dislike the people, I just dislike the attitude. It's also horribly frustrating to me when I'm trying to persuade or convince someone, and they just won't budge for anything!

Favorite color: Red. I'm addicted!
Favorite Sonic game/ TV series/ comics: Game: Sonic Adventure, Sonic Battle, or Sonic 360 (I love 'em all!) /// TV Series: Sonic X /// Comics: I never got a chance to read the comics.
Favorite food: Tunafish or apples. I'm also quite partial to blackberries.
Favorite sport: I just like running! Anything that gets me moving and keeps me moving is good.
Favorite music: I like High Contrast's genre: "liquid funk." (this stuff.) I also still like disco, and I'm a dance/electronica addict. Give me a beat and I'm gone!
Favorite character (please explain): Chaos Zero, always and forever. I freaking love the guy, not only because of his uniquely awesome design, but also because of his history and all he's been through. Having to see the Chao suffer like they did, losing several thousand years of his life in an instant, and returning only to find he still wanted vengeance and now Robotnik was trying to rule the world with him. I think the epitome of all that is Perfect Chaos, though. Perfect is a horribly monstrous thing, formed from negative energy and negative energy alone. I don't know about you, but if I had to wake up the morning after Station Square was decimated and realize that I was responsible, and because of something as trivial as an old grudge... You can't say that's not absolutely heartbreaking when you really think about it. So my heart really goes out to him. (Besides Chaos, though, I also adore Big, Emerl, and Silver for their personalities.)
Jealous or vengeful?: If I had to choose, I'd pick jealous. I don't believe in revenge, and I rarely get jealous anyway. I always put myself in the other person's shoes first.
Dominant or submissive?: Both. I'm submissive in the sense that I don't like conflict and will try ridiculously hard to avoid fights sometimes, but my personality is rather dominant and I'm a total fireball at heart. Basically, I act somewhat submissive to avoid problems and misconceptions, but on the inside I am everything but. I'd like to let a little more of my fire into my persona.

Well, that's it for me!
Thanks, guys! Have fun rating!
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