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ATTENTION PLEASE *stands on a box*

*Clears throat nervously* ... *Looks around*


S-so... the last post here was in October of last year, and votes had been scarce for a while before that. To be honest, I'd almost forgotten this community existed. And, given that it's my community, I think we've seen how much I fail as a leader of anything :S Oops.

Do you guys still wanna make a go of it? In order to get this comm back up and running, we need:

- People to make lists of which new characters need badges made for them.
- People to make the new badges.
- People willing to re-submit an app to be re-stamped.
- People to spread the word.
- Someone to make a new background image for the comm (the one we had died).

I'd also like to know if you guys are still interested in having themed apps every now and then (monthly, perhaps?) IF this comm can be revived.

So, I'll gage from the response this gets whether to really give this community another try now that there's fresh new characters (and hopefully fans!) for stamping, or whether to finally accept that it's over and let the comm die a death.

Be brutal, be honest :3 I don't want to keep flogging a dead horse but I'd love to try to get this ratings comm going again if there's enough interest :)
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