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Whoa. This place seems almost...dead-ish. Is a new app okay?

Name Kasey H., though I've also been known as Katsaka, Kat, Space Kase, Da Space Kase, DSK, and just Kase. Any one will work, really.
Age 19, same age as Sonic himself, actually. (metaphorically, I mean)
Strong points I always try to be polite and careful of what I say, and always try to be decent to people. The key word here being try, of course. I can also be interesting to have conversations with, mostly since my mind tends to wander all the time, and I'm a good listener. I can usually see the bright side of things, no matter what they are, and I like to think of myself as creative. I always try to be compassionate and empathetic, or at least sympathetic.
Weak points I'm really shy and usually quiet, unless I'm not; in that case, I usually talk too much, and am prone to laziness and procrastination. I'm also a bit of a hermit; I'm horrible at returning other peoples' calls, or even calling them at all. I'm horrible at keeping track of time, and of what I need to do, as well as things in general. I'm very absent-minded, and have trouble focusing on any one thing at a time. I'm horrible with directions, and usually need them explained more than once, or have them down in writing so I can refer to them when I need to, and I get stressed out easily. On top of all that, I guess I have relatively low self-esteem at times, when at others, it seems too high. I've got really low energy most of the time, too; after school, I usually crawl in bed and conk out for the next six hours. I've got a really horrible memory, especially when it comes to peoples' names.
Interests Videogames, cartoons, comics, manga, anime, books, drawing, writing, fanfiction, fanart, music, learning things, useless trivia, slash, femmeslash, baggy clothes, Dance Dance Revolution, mythology, , Techno, Dance, Trance, Pop, Punk, Rock, Alternative, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, words, fire, dancing, bandanas and keeping to myself.
Dislikes Crowds, loud noises, romance, the idea of dating/getting married/having kids, the idea of having any responsibilities associated with leadership at all, intense summer heat, humidity, close-mindedness, prejudice, double standards (which means I'm a hypocrite in some way or another XD ), the telephone, cheese, mayonnaise, and making decisions.
Talents I'm all right at drawing, painting, and writing, I think. I'm good at listening to other people, when I'm not off in my own world, and at keeping their secrets. I've got a penchant for sculpting things and making glass beads with a torch. Also I knew how to play the clarinet back in Seventh Grade.
Hobbies Drawing, writing, making glass beads, watching television, playing videogames, dancing to my iPod, learning bits of useless trivia, and various other things.
Pet peeves People who never shut up, little noises like popping gum and repeatedly clicking pens, various FanDumbs, ship wars (really, can't we all just get along? D: ), couples who insist on full-on making out in public areas, when the jewelry I'm wearing gets in the way of things, and children.

Favorite color Neon green.
Favorite sonic game/tv series/comics SatAM, with Fleetway's Sonic the Comic in second place, and Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog in third. I should note, though, that I've found something to like about each Sonic-verse. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the very first game I played, so I've got a special fondness for it, too.
Favorite food Pizza. And peanut butter. And bagels, and muffins, and fruits and vegetables. Yanno what, let's just say I think that food is one of the best things about being alive.
Favorite sport I don't really care for sports, though I guess I like swimming all right.
Favorite music A little bit of everything, really, though I'll admit that I have a huge weakness for anything with synthesizers, so I'm especially fond of Electronica,Techno, Trance, Dance, and other genres like that.
Favorite character (please explain) Er...which universe? All right, all right...Bunnie Rabbot, of SatAM and Archie. I've always thought she was cool; the robotic limbs make her incredibly strong, but at the same time she's still so sweet and warm. Having those parts obviously bothers her, but she uses them to her advantage, just the same. In SatAM, anyway; she seems to have fully accepted them in the Archie-verse. Both of these, I have a lot of respect for, because they both show a lot of inner strength and perseverance. On top of all that, she's just so goshdarn cute! Seriously, I could just eat 'er up! ^^
Jealous or vengeful? Heh. I wish I was cool enough to be vengeful, but I'm really not. I have been prone to jealousy, though, mostly over people who're better at drawing/writing than me. They inspire me to get better.
Dominant or submissive? Neither, really. I'd rather not be submissive to anyone, but I'm not comfortable with being dominant, either. I guess, if I had to choose, I'd say I've been more submissive to people I've considered my friends. Interestingly, I seem to make friends with a lot of people with more dominant, outgoing personalities.
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