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Name: Amanda

Age: 28

Strong points: Loyal, humorous, optimistical, generous, intelligent.

Weak points: Shy, Procrastinator, worries a bit.

Interests: Animation, Video Games, Cooking, Drawing

Dislikes: Hannah Montana (sorry, she can't sing for crap), being sick, snobs, designer clothes, people who act like beauty and fashion is everything.

Talents: Cooking, Drawing. I can sing too, but I'm too shy to show my voice. lol

Hobbies: Playing Video Games, drawing (again), going to theme parks.

Pet peeves: People who chew with their mouths open, nail clippers (rather, the sound they make!), Crying babies in movie theaters (especially PG-13 and R movies. Geesh. And yes it's happened in an R movie ONCE for me...blegh).

Favorite color: Lime Green.

Favorite sonic game/tv series/comics: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Genesis), and SatAM. Comics I'm not sure because I've never read the Fleetway ones.

Favorite food: Seafood, Sushi, Chocolate.

Favorite sport: ...Miniature Golf? XD

Favorite music: 80's/90's rock, oldies, some country, broadway also.

Favorite character (please explain): Sort of a generic answer, but I'm gonna have to go with Sonic. He's of course the hero and is always expected to win, but even with that, and the fact that he's super fast and supposedly pure of heart...despite those both, he has flaws. He's impatient, snarky, a bit vain, and has kind of a rude additude. Some people even outright *hate* him for that. However, it shows that he's got more depth to his personality than just being "the goody-two shoes hero" of the games he stars in. Plus, come on. BLUE HEDGEHOG THAT RUNS FAST. That either speaks highly creative...or on crack. Or both. (gah I hope this makes sense. xD)

Dominant or submissive?: Submissive PROOOOBABLY.

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