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Name: Melanie
Age: 16
Strong points: Fun-loving, effervescent, silly
Weak points: Irrational, sensitive, sometimes violent, lazy
Interests: Fandom, cartoons, books, music~
Dislikes: Colds, sickness, running
Talents: Cheering others up
Hobbies: Writing, singing, dancing
Pet peeves: Loads of little, little things, like people popping their gum, pens clicking, foot-tapping...I could go on and on.

Favorite color: Hot pink.
Favorite sonic game/tv series/comics: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Low production values + slapstick + homoeroticism = love.
Favorite food: Chicken.
Favorite sport: I'd put something down but it wouldn't be a real sport.
Favorite music: R&B, both modern and old. Blues, jazz, and indie pop.
Favorite character (please explain): Rouge. I don't know why -- I guess it's just that subtle mix of dominance, seduction, playfulness, and feminine wiles. She's just kind of awesome.
Jealous or vengeful? Both!
Dominant or submissive? Submissive, most certainly.

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