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Name Nola
Age 18
Strong points
Weak points
-Public speaking
-sports (but I like to sprint ahead of everyone xD)
-bit of a loner
-American and world politics
-listening to music
-TV (especially comedy)
-Korean stationary
-bad music
-bad writing
-musical pitch
-cooking and baking
-Studying Japanese
-watching international TV series
-going to see films
Pet peeves
-when people say "um" or "like" too much
-people who assume their opinion is the absolute right one
-people who are unaccepting of others because of their lifestyle
-metalheads :X

Favorite color Red, gold, mint... can't choose one!
Favorite sonic game/tv series/comics SA2/Sonic X or SatAM/Archie!
Favorite food Lots, but I guess tofu? (I'm a 3 year-vegan, 8 year-vegetarian)
Favorite sport Running
Favorite music indie rock - especially with some electronic element
Favorite character (please explain) I've always liked Rouge the Bat. She may seem superficial to some people, but I think she's very strong, confident, and independent. I guess I admire that. I sometimes try to be like that when I'm by myself, but pretty opposite when I'm with others.
i cosplayed her but shhh (I also like Sonic of course, Shadow, Knuckles, Tikal, and Amy, if it matters)
Jealous or vengeful? Neither, really... If anything, jealousy. I don't really act on my negative feelings. When people treat me badly, I will find a way to get out of the situation.
Dominant or submissive? Submissive for sure - especially among my friends. I will not be meek around strangers who bother me, though.
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