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Age27 (Classic fan)
Strong pointsGreat with computer skills and designing.
Weak points Not so great with people. My social anxiety disorder kind of keeps me away, but I manage it better everyday without medication.
Interests I love designing web pages, layouts, and animation of all types including kids to Anime. I also hang out on yahoo and journals and forums finding the answers to questions I seek. Especially baby related content. (10 month old doesn't come with a handbook.) Lastly, I love writing a lot.
DislikesI hate people that mooch off of others and blame everyone else for their problems.
TalentsExcellent speller and reader. I'm also artistic but not in a drawing-what-you-see sense.
HobbiesI write fanfiction and design layouts.
Pet peevesPeople who are brutally honest when they have barely met you.

Favorite color Pink
Favorite sonic game/tv series/comicsSatam Sonic. I also loved collecting the comics when I was younger. Anything after issue 60 I lost interest in. I own almost all the Sonic comics from 0-76.
Favorite food: Having chili dogs tonight with nachos! But seriously, I LOVE chicken. Anything chicken.
Favorite sport: I'm not a real sport loving person. I'd have to say Gymnastics is the only thing I watch. I do like playing pool too.
Favorite music: Country is what I listen to the most, but anything with a catchy beat is great.
Favorite character (please explain)Antoine. He was always trying to be brave like his father even though he didn't have the same bravery too. Crossing the line of 'safely' being where you are comfortable isn't always easy.
Jealous or vengeful?Probably vengeful. Cease the day, Kharma probably won't hit while your around. I do it very quietly in the background though.
Dominant or submissive?Submissive but mess with me too much and I do become vengeful. Otherwise, I can really be a carpet mat, sad to say.
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