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Eh...Sonic? :D

Name: Emma, sometimes Em
Age: 13. 14 in a week here, though. :D
Strong points: Creative, smart, and um...I guess that's it.
Weak points: Quiet. VERY quiet. Sensitive and kind of a space cadet.
Interests: Um...drawing, writing, video games, fantasy, and cooking.
Dislikes: Disney Channel "Original" Movies. YEAH, ORIGINAL MY BUTT! Also citrus fruit...
Talents: I can draw pretty well. :)
Hobbies: Drawing and writing, and reading I guess.
Pet peeves: The people who chew gum in the hallway and spit it out once they get in the classroom. -.- No gum means no gum.

Favorite color: I like green! Preferably a more nature-ish yellowish green.
Favorite sonic game/tv series/comics: I enjoy the classic games myself
Favorite food: Spaghetti!
Favorite sport: Beh. I dun like sports. DX Uh...golf?
Favorite music: Mostly classic rock, with some 80s mixed in
Favorite character (please explain): Definitely Sonic. 'Cause he's fun and carefree and teh smex.
Jealous or vengeful?: I think just jealous. Although I don't recall being jealous too often...
Dominant or submissive?: Crap, what does that mean again? Um...I guess I'm the submissive type. It's a questionable term, but I'm definitely not dominant, so...
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