Melly (samuraisongbird) wrote in sonic_rating,

Sonic BoomBoom!

Name Melly
Age 28
Strong points A good listener, affectionate, caring, critical thinker
Weak points My temper, inferiority complex (quite a bit), shyness (still working on that)
Interests Video games, surfing the net, anime, drawing, writing, reading, 3D artwork, shopping, and a ton of other stuff, including cosplay, older tv shows and movies
Dislikes Bullies, liars, hypocrites, those who do not want to admit they're wrong for something they actually did
Talents I draw and write fiction stories, fanfiction included, 3D landscaping
Hobbies Planning manga and stories, roleplaying (within reason now), drawing and writing of course
Pet peeves People not flushing the toilet, especially when they use it for a freaking garbage can!

Favorite color
Favorite sonic game/tv series/comics Game- Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Unleashed; TV series- Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog; Comics- Archie (I miss reading those)
Favorite food Anything except cheesecake and stuff that tastes bad in general
Favorite sport Volleyball and swimming
Favorite music All kinds except for country music
Favorite character (please explain) This is a hard one, but if I have to name my top fave, it's Tails. My reason for saying that he's my favorite is not only do I find him to be a real genuis, but also a genuine sweetheart most of the time.
Jealous or vengeful? More vengeful than anything
Dominant or submissive? I can be both ^_^
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