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Hopefully I can get some ratings~. This seems really fun :)

Name Alisa Ocampo
Age 16
Strong points
-I'm very observant and I tend to keep on observing even without realizing it.
-I'm very positive when it comes to other people's problems and usually encourage them, but in a way so that they wouldn't hear the usual crap.
-I think that I can make people laugh, but sometimes I think my humor's a bit different.
-I put other people first, and I don't do it just to look nice, it just happens and it's my automatic thinking to help this person before I help myself.
-I'm very friendly when any kind of person approaches me.
-I want to say that I'm a pretty laid-back person even though I have a very busy schedule, I always find time for myself through a really hectic day.
Weak points
-When debating over something I tend to raise my voice and my tongue becomes sharp. I don't really regret anything that comes from me if it's something I really believe in, but sometimes I can be a little harsh.
-I'm a procrastinator. I do EVERYTHING in the last minute. For instance, in English class we had an essay to turn in, and I finished my essay IN the class. It was ridiculous.
-People say I don't give myself as much credit as I should be.
-I spend TOO much money on people who are special to me, whenever I think of buying someone something it's usually something very expensive. I usually do buy it when I have the chance and my parents and sister gets really angry at me for it.
-I'm VERY impatient.
-Sports (football, soccer & swimming)
-Cartoons&Marvel comics
-Disney animation/Japanese animation
-Video games
-TV shows/Movies
-People who fish for compliments.
-People who judge
-Extremely hot weather
-Magic Voyage (Omg, worst movie ever. Not really, but UGH.)
-People who like to hurt others/two faced people.
-When I have the inability to help someone.
-Playing drums
-Changing voice range
-Taking walks/runs
-Writing stories
-Collecting merchandise
Pet peeves
-i HaTe WhEn PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs!
-i dislik wen ppl also tak like dis u noe? (That killed me.)
-When people bust out random 4chan memes at the wrong time/ butcher it.
-People who disregard their own culture and ESPECIALLY when they try to THINK they're Japanese.
Favorite color
Green, I like it for it's flexible nature. It can be a calm/care free blue green, then it can become a fierce and sharp color.
Favorite sonic game/tv series/comics
-Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic CD, Sonic 2, AoStH
Favorite food
-I love spicy food, I especially love Koren food. :).
Favorite sport
Favorite music
-I love Alternative Rock, Experimental, Latin, Techno, Indie, Heavy metal, some R&B, Instrumental, Orchestra...etc.
Favorite character (please explain)
-My favorite character has always been Sonic, I feel that he's a very strong character, and his qualities for respecting friendships and doing whatever to help anyone. I also think that his character design is absolutely rad.
Jealous or vengeful?
-Defiantly Vengeful.
Dominant or submissive?
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