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Name Kaisu
Age 14
Personality type ENFP
Strong points  I want to help others who are in a weak situation. I can sympathize with their worries and try my best to give some good advice for them.
Weak points Although I want to be nice for everyone, sometimes everything just breaks up. I might behave inappropriately and say things I regret later.
Interests Video games, computers, writing, visiting art museums, music
Dislikes People who bully others for no reason
Talents Learning new languages easily!
Hobbies Playing & composing music, going to long walks alone, thinking about the world
Pet peeves The others often insult me for my "childishness". They make up ridiculous rumors about me and spread them.

Favorite color Light red and lavender
Favorite sonic game/tv series/comics Game: Sonic 2 - Tv series: AoSTH Comics: Archie
Favorite food Home-cooked cauliflower soup!
Favorite sport I don't like sports at all, but if I have to choose, it would  be ice skating.
Favorite music Happy techno pop, video game tunes, acoustic video game remixes.
Favorite character (please explain) Tails. I admire his determination in his friendship with Sonic. They stay together no matter what, never leaving the other alone. I also respect his ability to overcome his fears to help the people he cares about.
Jealous or vengeful? The feelings of jealousy might come if I see something I really want, but can't get it.
Dominant or submissive? Submissive.

(Sorry if my description has some poor spelling or weird sentence structures, English isn't my native language)

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