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Name Kay
Age 18
Strong points Intelligent, patient, creative, articulate. I know how to talk to people to get the job done. They say actions speak louder than words, but I know how to use both to my advantage.
Weak points Loner, insecure, dweller, vengeful. I tend to have issues trusting others and hold grudges when people do me wrong (like, seriously, not for stupid little things)
Interests Plotting, writing, drawing, acting...all the theatre things.
Dislikes Country music. ew.
Talents ...already mentioned in strong points, orz. I fail.
Hobbies ...same things as interests really. Double fail. orz
Pet peeves People who want it their way ALL THE TIME! No compromise, things like that...that's all I can think of, lol I fail. 8(

Favorite color Lime green
Favorite sonic game/tv series/comics I love all the Sega games...but I personally enjoy picking apart 2006 (PLEASE DON'T HATE ME D:)
Favorite food Steak. Rare. Yum <333
Favorite sport Not much of a sports person, tbh
Favorite music DOOM MUSIC Metal or Hard Rock
Favorite character (please explain) I have a lot...I simply can't chose between Vector, Mephiles, and Silver. Vector I love for his humor, he never fails to bring a smile to my face every time he opens his mouth. Plus, he's a reptile, and reptiles are the shit. I think there's a lot to his character that we don't see too often, like the fact that he's a big softee deep down because of all the charity work he does. Mephiles I ADORE because he's such an evil bastard. His ability to manipulate people behind the scenes is just awesome and I really think he's the best villian Sega's put out in a very long time. It made me sad that he didn't get more screen time. And finally, Silver, because he's adorkable with his 'SAVE THE FUTURE' and 'IT ALL DEPENDS ON ME'. He's the heroic type, but he brings a certain...humble charm to it. I love how selfless he is and I want to squick is little cockahog cheeks. *SQUISH*
Jealous or vengeful? Vengeful >:
Dominant or submissive? Depends on the situation
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